The coordinator of your home university must name you for an exchange at the University of Umea by filling out an online form. The link to the form is not published online, but emailed to your coordinator. As a student at the Umea School of Architecture, you can apply as an exchange student through one of our agreements. We have a number of agreements with partner universities around the world. In addition, there are central agreements and faculty agreements. All agreements at the University of Umea are available in the Exhcange Agreements database. Did you know that you can bring your UCalgary financing to the exchange? As you are looking for a student at UCalgary during the exchange, you are entitled to the bonuses and scholarships you can receive from the university, as well as student loans. The agreement database needs to be updated so that our partner universities can designate their students with the right agreement. Outdated agreements must be removed and extended agreements updated. International interlocutors are responsible for updating departmental and faculty agreements and the International Office is responsible for updating central (academic) agreements.

The exchange contracts are signed mainly at the department level. If your university wishes to sign an Erasmus or Nordplus agreement with our university, you must contact the international interlocutor of the department concerned. You will find a list of contacts on our student pages: International Contacts Course changes after the application deadline are limited, as we do not have an add/drop period. The only valid reasons for changing course are: a time conflict, or if change is a requirement of your home university. Studying as an exchange student means that the University of Umea has agreed to exchange students with a partner university and that the results of the studies can be accredited to the university of origin. Therefore, you do not pay a fee for your studies at the partner university and your entire study period will not be longer than in the case of a normal course, provided that your courses abroad are accredited. If you are appointed to the University of Umea for an exchange, your coordinator (at your home university) must indicate in the application form that you would like to receive a housing offer. Umea University (UMU) is a young university that was founded only in 1965, but is already #1 in student satisfaction in the country. It has 29,000 students and is one of Sweden`s top eight universities (QS 2019). In addition, it is highly respected in Europe for its excellent sports facilities.

In fact, students will find here a well-positioned oasis to explore the far north of Sweden, Finland and the Lapland region. We inform our partner universities of the people who have been nominated for exchange studies. The appointed students must then apply to the partner university. Since our partner universities have different application procedures (deadlines and what should be included in your application), nominated students need to know from one school to another how and when you apply.