In 2004, the United States and Afghanistan entered into an acquisition and cross-service agreement with Schedules 55. 56 After consultation with the Secretary of State, the Minister of Defence is authorized to enter into an ACSA with a government of a NATO country. A subsidiary body of NATO, the United Nations or a regional international organization of which the United States is a member57. In addition, the Minister of Defence may enter an ACSA with a country outside the above categories if, after consultation with the Secretary of State, it is established that it is in the best interest of the national security of the United States.58 If the country is not a member of NATO.58 , the Minister of Defence must notify the Armed Services Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate and the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. and the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives at least 30 days prior to the designation.59 There is agreement on the status of U.S. Department of Defense military and civilian personnel in Afghanistan as part of cooperation efforts in the fight against terrorism. Humanitarian and civic assistance, military training and exercises, and other activities.45 These personnel are “status corresponding to the administrative and technical personnel” of the United States Embassy under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.46 , the Interim Islamic Government of Afghanistan (ITGA) 48 has expressly authorized the U.S. government to exercise criminal responsibility for U.S. personnel and the Afghan government has no right to transfer U.S. personnel to custody of another state, international court or other agency without the consent of the U.S. government.

Although the agreement was signed by ITGA, the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, subsequently elected, assumed responsibility for ITGA`s legal obligations and the agreement remains in force. The agreement does not appear to create immunity for contract staff. 1998: Temporary participation in Ghana under ACRI and other activities that can be agreed by two governments in 2000: additional agreement, separated from ACRI, to persons temporarily staying in Ghana as part of humanitarian aid operations in Southern Africa in 1956: agreement on the status of US forces in Greece T.I.A.S. Exchange of banknotes in Dhaka August 10-244, 2002. , 1998.